Short, Sweet & a bit more orange Posted on 17 Mar 15:32 , 0 comments

Hope you mums had a lovely mothers day and got treated very well...?

Are we in for more cold weather? as  I'm writing this its trying to snow, so the answer must be yes!!

Are you ready for the white blanket again?


Well if it hits us maybe you'll be in need of the fab offers we currently have:

 Wheelbarrows are now back in stock with puncture proof wheels, come on down to test them out.

Green £59.99

Blue twin wheeled £129.99


When you purchase any tub trug you'll get a free cover (one size fits all)


Purchase a gorilla broom and get the scrubbing brush free (keep your paths/yard free of dirt or snow, we have a selection of shovels too incase you need digging out)  also we have restocked the sets as shown below



More orange has arrived in this week,in the shape of gilets, i get the feeling the big orange is so in this year, everywhere you look its there and we've got it, take a look:



Back by popular demand - big news to find our more info click on the link

As i leave you for yet another week, keep safe & warm everyone