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Yes everyone is now starting to either love it or hate it, personally i love it, all i need now is that ice cold beer.....

Its been a flying week so i'll get straight to it, the lovely Kim has been updating the Facebook page with lots of ideas, new products and look out for more information about the prize draw we are having in-store.


BZZZZZZZ:  We all wait for what seems like ages for the lovely weather to come and then we are plagued with the pesky flies that just seem to be out in force at the moment! Not only do we have fly rugs, fly masks and fly repellents (click to take you to webpage) we do also have some lotions and potions which contain citronella to help with the flies.

 The Nettex range are a great range, have used these personally on my own horses. They have a no rinse wash which you can use after exercise and just add to water, a coat spray to help repel dirt and gives the coat a lovely shine as well as fragrance. There is also the fly repellent/citronella shampoo from Nettex and Supreme products.

Anything that can help to make the flies just a bit more bearable.....



So if any of the above doesn't work, we do have

****** BACK-UP FLY PLAN *****

We ask you (our) customers which works best? simply purchase the Nettex Fly repellent Advanced DEET based Spray @ the discounted price of £12.99, if that doesnt work then you've got the fly squatter as a back-up plan FOC (free of charge) so one of them is bound to work.

Disclaimer: Please note that the fly squatter must not be used as a weapon as it may cause injury.


Prize draw - you've got to be in it, to win it!!!


 Are you feeling lucky??? we are having a prize draw for all our customers, the lucky winners will receive as follows:

1st Prize - £200 credit
2nd Prize - £100 credit
3rd Prize - £50 credit

Now the rules:

🚩1 ticket per person, per transaction, per day
1 new ticket will be given per day when items purchased instore

🚩Winning numbers will be notified on our facebook page when all the tickets have been issued.

🚩In stock items only available

🚩No alternatives can be issued
🚩Prizes must be claimed within 2 weeks of notice online

🚩Prizes not claimed will be re-drawn to a new winner after the 2 week expiry date

🍀🍀🍀Good luck everyone 🍀🍀


 Staying with the in-store lines, we have back by popular demand - £10 a pair for jodhpur boots.


£10 a pair jodhpur boot offer whilst stocks last.

Kids and adult sizes both brown and black, Zip front or traditional boots, various brands

Come and grab a bargain and don’t forget you will automatically be entered into our prize draw to win a £200/£100/£50 gift voucher.


Please note, this promotion is in-store & while stocks last, they may end up online at a later date so keep your eyes peeled on our website.



In stock this week is a Supafleece Airflow Anti-slip numnah. The perforated anti-slip panels to the outer and a half lining on the inner allows airflow and provides a high degree of shock absorption. The upper spine area features a mesh construction neoprene lining to provide a slip resistant cushion under the saddle with an attractive quilt design to the upper with a soft, highly absorbent lining. We have these in both cob and full and they are priced at £39.99.



 I think Kim is thinking of Christmas already.... Tis' the season.......

We're in JULY KIM!!!

Tis’ the season for competing and sponsored rides....

We are all suffering with the hard ground and god forbid I say it, would love just a bit of rain! However equally enjoying the glorious sunshine. ☀️☀️😎😎

Lots of sponsored rides and competitions going on at the moment, we all want to keep our horses cool and look after their legs especially with this hard ground.

We have some lotions to help us out. Carr Day & Martin have a cooling gel and a lavender rinse to aid with cooling tired legs down. I’ve personally used the cooling gel after sponsored rides and it works a treat once we get back to the lorry. Simply wash the legs down after taking all your boots etc off and apply a layer of this to the legs and it instantly cools the legs. We have other lotions and potions to help as well.


Another great tip I’ve had which worked a treat on my last sponsored ride was to dunk a waffle type cooler rug in a bucket of water and put straight on your horse, while you are getting all your stuff together your horse stands nice and cool in this heat!

Don’t forget when your horse sweats, you need to replace the minerals lost. We have a couple of brands that do electrolytes which can both be added to their water and/or feed before and after events.


If there is any other lotions and potions that you find work a treat for this time of year, please let us know and we will do our best to try and get them.

Do you have any other tips and tricks you guys use at competitions etc for cooling down please do feel free to share! 

 Further to our post above we have just had some of this Green Ice come in from Equine America. I’ve bought some of this today as we’ve got quite a few competitions/sponsored rides coming up so I like to get stocked up. We’ve got 2 different sizes in stock, 1 litre at £16.99 and 2.5 litre at £27.99.



We do try our upmost to put as much information as we can on our website as there are few customers that don't do social media,  but sometimes events happen and it gets put behind.  Also with it being a family run business, life takes over, children poorly, etc, so our apologies if you've missed out on a promotion / deal / offer.

The blog is now being updated on a fortnightly basis to give a more detailed list of events or offers.

Good Luck to you all who are competing, showing eventing etc,

be safe and keep cool in this heat